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Our Story

Bevan Smith has been in public practice for over 20 years. Before this he had a career in the commercial world with service and manufacturing firms also working for a publicly listed company.

Well practised at listening and the art of diplomacy, he is excellent at advocating for clients and provides practical, usable advice.

During Bevan’s time in public practice he has built up quite a following from Charities who engage him for their audit work in droves.


Tracey Jack spent years as an Accounts Clerk (at the same time completing her Chartered Accountant qualifications and managing a young family) and has a solid grounding in many of the processes that make up the day to day business operations of a business.

After several years working for Not for Profit accounting service providers, she joined Bevan’s practice. Tracey’s strengths are Xero systems, preschool start-ups and assisting clients with accounting system problems. She firmly believes the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.

Both are Chartered Accountants and registered as Qualified Auditors.

We encourage

Not for profits and charities to come and talk to us if they are looking for help, accounting services, advice or an audit, we have a wealth of experience in this sector and complete a large number of Charity and not for profit audits every year.




34 Birmingham Drive,
Middleton, Christchurch 8024

PO Box 16556 Christchurch 8441


03 365 1071

Thanks for contacting us!

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